As I sat this morning, in the weekly workflow meeting, I watched Ken pick up a bundled cable of ethernet cord and unwrap it. He then proceeded to tie one end to the handle of the door to the conference room we were in. As he sat back down, he was unraveling the rest of the cord and pulled really hard on it. The heavy glass door didn’t budge.

This might seem like a weird thing to do but one must understand that, there are 4 poeple on conference call that have to get through their workflow first and then the senior team members come in and go over their workflow. We are the last to go, so we pretty much sit there for close to an hour with nothing to do. I normally bring in the daily Metro paper, read it and then do the sudoku and crossword puzzles. Ken often plays with anything within arms reach.

When the door didn’t move, I figured it was because he was sitting in an angle to the door. Naturally I took the cord and pulled on it since I was at a better angle, but all I managed to do was pull my chair a lot closer to the door. Once I rolled back to the table, I braced my feet and pulled really hard as though I were in a tug-o-war. Sadly, my effort had no effect. One of the senior programmers looked over at us, shaking his head, laughing, and said, “You two stooges do realize that door opens outward, right?” Ken and I looked at each other in surprise and he got up to check. Sure enough, he pushed on the door and it opened easily.

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