Naruto Ninja Council

Tuesday night I had some free time and was able to sit down and finally open up the Naruto: Ninja Council game I bought over the weekend during the huge toy run with Brendan and Thanh. I think the instant messenger log with Brendan that night sums it up best:

[21:25] Me: irrationaly fury! i just opened the naruto game
[21:25] Me: it has the american voice talking in it!
[21:25] Brendan: boooooo
[21:26] Me: dammit
[21:27] Me: he says ‘BELIEVE IT!’
[21:27] Brendan: hahahahaha
[21:27] Brendan: the ps2 or gba?
[21:27] Me: gba
[22:56] Me: this game is awful
[22:59] Brendan: hahaha
[23:02] Brendan: ‘Thanh (11:02:22 PM): i’m gonna go with the, i turned around and it was in his hand. purchased. just like naruto ps2 game’
methos5104 (11:02:34 PM): hahahah
[23:18] Me: uh
[23:18] Me: i just beat it
[23:18] Me: worst game ever
[23:18] Brendan: already?
[23:18] Me: yeah
[23:18] Me: lame

It was like playing the same level 9 times requiring no skill whatsoever.

The sequel is coming out soon.

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