Name Droppin

This weekend, Brendan, Thanh and I all went to a antique and collectible toy show in Dedham. It took us about 30 minutes to determine that no dealer at the show was selling anything we were interested. If I paid more than four dollars to get in, I might have been upset.

We decided to get lunch at a nearby McDonalds’, which of course meant that we had to stop by the Toys R Us on the way there. I picked up a Naruto GBA game. After I ate copious amounts of chicken and fries and the others got done with their MarioKart DS game, we headed out. We decided to try and salvage the day and go the Emerald Square Mall and go to Toy Vault, a vintage toy store that has a wide selection of toys from the 70’s and later. They have a very large section for Transformers.

When we got there, we hit up the Marvel Legends section. Brendan picked out the Scarlet Witch, which I had been searching for only to realize that the figure totally sucked. A voice behind us said something to the effect of “They’ve really dropped the ball with the female figures.” As I turned around I automatically asked if she had seen Hasbro’s Emma Frost which will be coming out next year. Half way through the question I looked and realized I was talking to an attractive female behind the counter. I stumbled through the rest of the short conversation, taken off guard and I’m sure made myself look like an idiot. A girl in a toy store is rare enough, nevermind one that can talk about toys with firsthand knowledge. I could see the shit-eating grin on Brendan’s face behind me without having to turn around as we moved on to the Transformers.

After milling about in the area for a while, a guy came over who also worked there and asked if I wanted to see anything. I nodded and asked to see one item in particular and as he handed to me, he asked me if I had seen it out of package before and proceeded to totally talk me out of buying it. Not that I had a problem with that, I was just taken off guard again.

After a while longer the girl came by again and asked if we wanted to see anything and I said I did again. This time I took a couple figures out and decided to get them. Brendan got a figure too. Thanh got some issues of Hobby Japan. The only person I’ve ever met that bought books in a toy store. I digress. I brought my figures to the front and they guy rang me up. While he rang me up, I mentioned that I run a site he might be interested in. He told me to write the url on the back of one of their business cards and he’d check it out. I wrote on the back of the card and handed it to him and took my toys. He looked at it funny and then looked at me. He then asked me if I knew Zac Shipley, to which I responded, “Yeah, I run that site with him.” He said he had seen the site advertised in Zac’s signature on the 2005 boards.

I asked him what his name was on the board and he told me a name he used to use when he was still active on an older board and I recognized it. I told him that I was crazyjaco and he said,”Wow, you’ve been around a long time too.” I nodded. Then I started plugging the site again and he said he’d check it out.

Then we left and I immediately called Zac and left a voicemail telling him his name got dropped.

Word is slowly spreading.

We’re taking this shit over.

One thought on “Name Droppin

  1. Oh wow. The world of toys is small.

    And I was so sure you were gonna tell that girl to show you her rack when she asked if you wanted to see anything else.

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