Photo Opportunity

After some careful consideration, I decided I needed a new digital camera. I have a wonderful camera right now, but its just too bulky and too big to tote around at the conventions. I need to have a camera that can be taken out quickly and be ready to snap photos right away and I need it to be small so I can fit it in a pocket. I decided that I have had very good luck with my current camera and that was a Fuji so I would stick with FujiFilm on this one. FujiFilm also uses a proprietary memory card which I already have anyway so that barrier of entry was already broken.

The first camera I considered was the FujiFilm F30. Its a compact class camera and has some very nice features.

The second camera I considered was the FujiFilm Z3. Its an ultra-compact class camera with very similar features to the F30. The megapixel rating for this one is slightly lower, but at 5 megapixels its still far beyond the 3.2 megapixels of my current camera. I am not looking for the best of the best, I am just looking for an upgrade in both quality and size. This camera was both, however, it requires a dock to connect to the computer instead of just a direct USB port on the camera itself. That is also how the camera recharges. That is a huge deal to me. If I run out of power and have to recharge it I have to have the camera be out of commission. I found out, however, that you can buy additional rechargeable batteries to swap and there is a portable battery charger. This pretty much eliminated most of my reservations about the camera.

After weighing all of my options, the pros and cons of each and what I really needed I ordered the Z3 a few minutes.

I am sure many future pictures that appear on here will be taken by that camera, so I will be sure to take a few pictures so everyone can see whats taking those great photos!

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