Halloween 2006: Captain America Part 4

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When last we left our patriotic guise, we were painting the white stripe of the shield with its first coat of white paint.

While this was drying, I went to go pick up Christy, who was going to help me with the sewing (and teach me along the way). After she setup camp in my room and was able to start working remotely, I had to step out for a bit to get a few more supplies for both the costume and the party. It turned out to be a much longer trip than anticipated, but Christy got some work done and when I got back we started work. Christy began cutting red and white stripes of cloth for the waist piece, while I began to make a stencil for the star on the shield. Here’s my stencil on the shield.

Christy began to sew each of the strips of cloth to each other in alternating colors.

She did an amazing job, all things considered. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of it, but she showed me how to sew after she was done with that waist piece and I sewed the white star onto the blue shirt myself and touched up the waist piece. Here is another picture of the waist piece inside out.

And here is a picture of the painted shield strapped to my back:

Note to self: Using a similar process this could have potential as a costume for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

I had decided days ahead of this that it was clear I wouldn’t be able to get a mask done in time, so I went an alternate route and found a more obscure version of Captain America’s outfit. Honestly, the normal one was too mainstream for me to do anyway. People expect obscure of me and who am I to disappoint. So, in issue 12 of The Ultimates 2, Cap is wearing his costume shirt with cargo pants, army boots and no mask. I went with this idea. Here is a link to the page that I got the following picture from.

Amusingly, this was the best picture of me in my full costume. I’m still looking for more pictures from other people. I covered the under armor logo on the blue shirt with a name tag that said “Steve Rogers”, Captain America’s real name. You can see the blue straps from my shield that is on my back.

One more:

You can see the larger pictures in the gallery for Halloween 2006.

Thanks for taking the time to read through and see how I made this costume. It was a lot of fun and very much a learning experience. Thanks to all those who helped me along the way.

4 thoughts on “Halloween 2006: Captain America Part 4

  1. The jeans didn’t fit in with this variation of Cap’s costume. The cargo pants were far more appropriate and the boots I had were spot on.

  2. Well if Wizard World Boston hadn’t have gotten cancelled, that is what I would have worn. And I don’t think the ladies would flock to cap like they do sasuke at the anime conventions.

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