Whale of a Dream

The other night I had this dream that I was on a ranch or something out in the mid-west maybe. I had this sprawling house, like in Casino, seemingly in the middle of all this land. For whatever reason, I was preparing for some sort of show. When I went outside in back, there was a corral, but the corral surrounded this enormous pool. Thats when I realized I was wearing a wetsuit and I was carrying a bucket of fish. All of a sudden, I’m at the side of the pool and the head of a humpback whale pokes out of the pool and I stuff a fish in its mouth. I tell some woman that I know they eat krill or something like that but its just easier to feed them fish. (I don’t know off the top of my head what they really eat, that was just in the dream.) This humpback whale was not the size of a normal humpback whale. It was big, but not that big. Maybe the size of an orca like Shamu. Then I notice there is a crowd surrounding us and now its more like a small stadium surrounding the corral. So I then jump in the pool and have the whale start doing tricks as though he were a dolphin. At another point I get on the whale’s back and the whale jumps out of the water through the air practically soaring through the air, then makes reentry into the water. I come to the surface and the people cheer. I gave the whale one last fish and then back into my sprawling house.

Apparently, I’m meant to be a midget whale trainer.

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