Captain Napkin

Every week after frisbee on Saturdays, we head over to a local ice cream place, Sammy Jos, and get some delectable frozen treats. We go so regularly that we know two of the girls who work there nearly every week pretty well. Brendan, Thanh and I usually stay a bit longer than the others so we may discuss nerdly things and trade pokemon and action figures. We’re cool like that.

One Saturday we were especially bored and enterprising. Kate, one of the girls who works there, was absolutely failing to entertain us sufficiently and was hiding in the back so she didn’t have to do any work. We had to entertain ourselves. That is, until Captain Napkin nipped that boredom in the bud!

Yeah, we did.

He enjoyed some ice cream with Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter.

After a bit, he was getting a little cheeky, though.

He took a liking to Steph.

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