This weekend I made a conscious decision about what I want to be doing.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like what I’m doing right now, but I’m being pulled in multiple directions right now and I feel like I’m starting to come apart at the seams. I need some ‘synergy’.

When I was a system administrator at my last job, I was usually working on some sort of webpage to help me out or on this blog. And I did spend a significant amount of time on this blog. Then I started my current job, which works mostly in Java, which I do not know. I work mostly in VB. We do have several intranet webpages that help automate tasks and streamline processes. I’ve really taken to working on those quite a bit. Since I’ve been here, I’ve also started Powet.TV with Zac.

You can see the pattern here. Web programming.

This is an area I am very interested in, but have let my skill set become stagnant. I need to improve and read up on several areas of technology and devlopment, but I think concentrating in this area at this time is the most beneficial option to me and hopefully I can leverage it at work, Powet, and right here on my blog.

So that being said, I went shopping on for some new books. Here’s what I ordered:

Hopefully, these won’t come in and then sit on a shelf for 3 years before I pick one up …because that never happens….

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