How to add a meta-box to an admin page in WordPress

I’ve been developing a plug-in for Powet.TV to automate some background stuff that we do regularly.
One of the things I need to do is add a meta-box to the ‘edit post’ administration page. The below image is an example of a very simple meta-box. Its just a standard container for content in the administration panel.

This wasn’t as straight-forward as I expected it to be, or I should say, there weren’t any examples that were as straight-forward as I was hoping there would be. The best tutorial I found was located here. The problem with this tutorial was that it didn’t spell it out clearly enough for me. It was doing a few different things in the example and I just wanted a very simple meta-box without any functionality to start. My functionality was guaranteed to not match the functionality of the one in the example.

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Botcon 2010

I have finally gotten around to posting the gallery for Botcon 2010 on Orlando, Florida. Maybe sometime I’ll get to doing the gallery for 2009. Above you can see the obligatory group photo. Unfortunately, it was done very impromptu as Ernie and Rubin were trying to leave, so we couldn’t find Sam nor Robert in time to be in the photo.

There was lots to see this year. I took plenty of pictures of the display cases for upcoming product, the Transformers Hall of Fame and some random rare items found at various dealer booths. The image above is me holding one of the rarest items that was released at retail exclusively in Japan. That one, in particular, was on sale for US$1,000. Most of you don’t care about that though, so here is a picture of Sam ironing his shirt.

Next year will be back in Pasadena. Hopefully it won’t be quite so humid out.

2 He-Men, Faker and a little stop-motion

Still catching up a bit here and wanted to drop the link on anyone who hasn’t seen my video for January 2010 just yet.


This is by far my most ambitious video to date in nearly every way. Not as funny as some older ones, but definitely pushing the envelope on my editing and creative abilities. I take a look at the Masters of the Universe Classics He-man Reissue and He-man repaint, Faker. I also had a little fun with a more involved stop-motion sequence than anything I had done before. Enjoy it, tweet it, share it, link it. Spread the love. Thanks one and all.

PowetTV's first collaboration – First Annual PowetTV Awards

I’ll be playing a little catch up here and there since I’ve missed so much in my blogging absence.

The end of December brought about the first collaborative video done by the PowetTV staff. Our original intention on the site was to pool our resources and do lots of collaborative videos, but due to scheduling, lack of free time and lack of a direction, we decided to set out on separate paths first and establish individual shows with their own identities. Now that we’ve done that steadily each week for over a year now, we did an awards show to celebrate. Each of us recorded our own separate clips in the style of our individual shows. Sean was the man with the master plan and assembled everything together with great success.

It is my great pleasure to share this link with anyone who still follows this site.
First Annual PowetTV Awards Show

Revenge of the Fallen Wheelie

New review is up!

Revenge of the Fallen Wheelie

I did this entire video in rhyme in honor of the original Wheelie. I really liked the RotF Wheelie. I heard someone complain that he was too much like Joe Pesci, but honestly had they not made him like that, even more people would have complained because he was too cute or something along those lines. The video came together quite nicely considering I was hugely constrained on time once again. I did not get to start it until Saturday nor film it until Sunday. This is also one of my shortest videos. Mostly because I kept running out of things to rhyme with.

Hope you all enjoy. I’d say leave a comment, but I’m pretty sure those are still broken.

One thing at a time. I have not forgotten you, little blog!

The Return of Ratbat

In honor of Tax day, I wrote up a wonderful little retrospective on everyone’s favorite Decepticon Fuel Auditor, Ratbat. It was a fun little article to write. Given enough time, I’ll probably do more. Particularly if an appropriate occasion arises that warrants such an article. In this case, it was the sudden proliferation of Ratbat merchandise.

You can read the article here.

PowetToys: Animated Starscream

I put up a new PowetToys video on Powet.TV for the 4th of July. You can see the post here.

Now that I finally have all my computers back up and running at full speed for the most part. Editing this video was far easier than videos I have done in the past. It also renders much faster as well on the new computer. I really like these new Animated figures and am totally hooked on the new show. They have really outdone themselves with this generation of Transformers.

Sky Lynx gets some love

This past weekend I was finally able to put a new video for PowetTV.

Show notes available here.

I’ve had a serious problem getting videos up with any regularity over the past year. I’ve really only put up about 4 videos. The prior year I was able to put one up almost every month.

This video is far from my best, but also far from my worst. I consider it to be fairly mediocre. While I love the toy, I’m not sure I was really able to convey how much fun he is in the video. I struggle trying to find the right balance between entertainment value and informational value in each video.