Empty Promises

Oh Blog. How I have abused and abandoned you.

I made empty promise after empty promise to tend to your upkeep.

I am here to make a new set of possibly empty promises to you so that you will not leave me and wander the Tubes like the orphan I have forced you to become.

It begins with a makeover.
WordPress 2.5 was released yesterday. I am going to upgrade your system. Hopefully, your little plug-in play-friends will cooperate.

Next comes the meal of content.
When I started you, oh little blog, I wanted to make you accessible to my friends who are mostly not into many of the same subjects that you and I are interested. I wanted to make the point that I was an interesting person beyond these things. No longer. I can no more deny who we are than I could go without ketchup accompanying nearly all of my meals. No more deny the random musings held inside than I could stay awake for an entire work day. I can no more deny the child-like fascination beholden to my interests than reduce my caloric intake for a day.

Prepare yourselves, netizens!

I am going to blog about toys.*

*Note: This is in addition to the infrequent and witty posts already contributed. Sure to be just as infrequent.

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