YouTube API

I had heard recently that Google had released an API for YouTube.

For those not in the know, an API is short for Application Programming Interface. Basically, its a programming hook that would allow me some aspect of control over whatever the API is for.

I know, I know. Its still a little confusing. To keep it short for this example, I could basically instantiate (create) an object (youtube player) on my webpage and then feed it instructions. This is basically the equivalent of embedding a blank YouTube video into one of these blog posts. Then I could create links that would feed it instructions (load video, play, pause, stop, etc) or retrieve data from it (duration of video, current time position in video, etc). I hope that makes sense to my non-technical audience.

This is of interest to me because of my heavy involvement with Powet.TV of course. Since we do a lot of original video content and post most of it on YouTube and then embed it on our site, there is potential for us to make use of this somehow. In looking through some of the documentation on, I came across a great little video they put together to show off the basics of both the javascript and flash versions of the API.

The ability to use the chromeless player appeals to me. It would allow us to completely customize the embedded player’s functionality and look. It seems to me, that would be incredibly useful to use, if I were to create a wordPress plug-in that incorporates all of this. That way, the only input would be the ID of the YouTube video within some sort of custom tag.

[[YouTube: I8xZBfVsMzs]]

Maybe something like that.

Would this be an effective use of my time?
Probably not just yet. We haven’t established a marketable look for our brand yet. We are still finding our way, as it were, and I have another large overreaching project for Powet ahead of me still. One of which, I’ve done a lot of brainstorming for, but little actual work.

This API is still something to keep in mind, though. It will only mature from here and it already seems to offer a great deal of flexibility.

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