Getting Domesticated

As I sit here, waiting for my toilet bowl to disinfect, I’m finding myself becoming more domesticated. Now that I have moved in by myself, I’m the sole keeper of this domain and as I look around I’m now seeing little things that may not be broken, but I think could be made better. So I’ve set into motion a few minor projects to make things a little better. Today’s project involves cleaning the toilet. The toilet bowl was a bit gross. I picked up some cleaner yesterday with one of those angled tops so you can squirt it under the rim of the bowl. Naturally as soon as I tipped it upside down, the cleaning agent poured out of the sides of the spout and right into the toilet water instead of coming out of the spout aimed below the rim. Clearly the seal was very poor around the nozzle. Wonderful. The next ten minutes were spent swirling the toilet water around the bowl with my newly purchased toilet brush and scrubbing the crap out of the sides of the toilet. Literally! I’ll spare the pictures, but I’m supposed to let it sit for about 10 minutes before I can flush it again.

My life has become so exciting.

Among some of the other items I picked up for the house was a new garbage receptacle since I think I have a little mouse. This way it won’t eat through my garbage bags. I actually watched the little bastard jump into the higher bag I setup. At least this way, the opening is high and covered. As for the mouse, I bought a humane mouse trap that won’t kill it, but will make it significantly easier than me chasing him around the apartment like Wile E. Coyote chasing after the Road Runner like I did in Braintree (odd, I was going to link to the post I had made about that, but now can’t find it). Lastly, I bought a hair stopper, which is just a plastic strainer that you put over the shower drain to prevent much hair going down. My shower was missing a drain plug and was just one big whole, so I needed to put something there. I was getting tired of being paranoid about my hair washing down the drain and having to call the super to have a plumber come and unclog my drain.

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