Water Damage

As several people who have seen my new apartment can attest, there is some water damage in my ceiling. It was there when I first saw the apartment, but I was told that it would be repaired and fixed by the time I moved in. That never happened. A month later, nothing has happened to see it repaired. I saw the Super the other day and asked him to stop by and he said he would as soon as he was done with what he was working on. Needless to say, he did not show up. He’s a busy guy. I understand this and he has a lot of apartments to look after, but this is severe damage that is going to lead to mold if it already hasn’t. So I just left him the following friendly note:


I have had severe water damage to my ceiling since I moved in. I pointed it out to you, but I haven’t heard back at all. It is still actively dripping water and I saw a mouse poke its head through the hole in the center of the damage. I was hoping you could take a look at it before it gets any worse. I’d like to get this repaired and patched as soon as possible before the winter snow comes to make things worse.
I’m available nearly every weeknight between 6pm and 9pm to show you the damage. I think its caused by the cable utility box outside my window. I’ll show you when you stop by.

If you need to get in touch with me, you can reach me at ###-###-####.

Thanks in advance,

## XXXXXX Ave.
Apt ###

I folded the note and taped it to his door. He had said that if I had a problem to just leave him a note if it wasn’t urgent. I really want to resolve this in an amicable way. I’m going to give him plenty of time to respond, but I need this ball rolling. If I do not hear back from him by the time I have to send in my next rent check (sent one in today), I am including a copy of this letter, pictures of the damage and a brief summary of events leading up to this point. If nothing still, perhaps the mayor’s office would like some good publicity. It will only take one inspector to look at it before the fines start rolling in.

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