Wolf ODonnell Unlocked

Since I moved into this apartment and set up my Wii, I’ve only had one game in the console.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

I have been working tirelessly trying to complete all the challenges and unlock all of the characters. For the past couple weeks I had finished unlocking everyone but Wolf O’Donnell. To unlock him, I needed to do one of a few things.
1. Play 450 brawls total.
2. Complete the Subspace Emmisary. Then complete Boss Battles with Fox or Falco.
3. Complete the Subspace Emmisary. Then go back into the SSE and go to a hidden door or something or other.

I wasn’t going back into the Subspace Emmisary. I was done with that and I had no desire to go back in. 450 Brawls is a tall order and I had no idea how many Brawls had been played since I got the game since there is no meter. So I played Boss Battles. and played and played and played. I continued to die at the final boss for about a week because I just wasn’t as successful with Fox or Falco. Well I beat it yesterday with Fox. Then I got the alert a new adversary was approaching. Finally. You are supposed to then defeat the challenger to unlock the character, but I died. So what did I do? I said screw it and played Brawl after Brawl after Brawl until I hit the magic 450 number. In case anyone was curious, I had to play 121 Brawls before I got to unlock Wolf, but I did it. And here’s my proof:

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