FightingReality's new life

Well, I guess its safe to say at this point.

This site has been successfully upgraded to a newer version of WordPress. Version number will not be mentioned for security purposes.

The site is now hosted by a new company. After 10 years with Brinkster, I threw in the towel. They were great as eWebCity for free ASP hosting in college. They were good when I signed up for paid hosting and bought a domain. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t keep up with my needs for today. I needed much more granular control of my site and I was able to get that with Site5.

The domain, has also been moved to GoDaddy. I actually liked Brinkster’s domain hosting setup because it would auto-renew for me. I’m still not clear if GoDaddy has that option and from what I’m reading it doesn’t look like it, but I wanted to cancel and remove everything away from Brinkster and GoDaddy had the right price.

Here’s hoping this leads to more updates, more blogging, and more fun!

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