Strikes Back

A day after I get the email stating I was to receive a full refund, I received another email saying my case shipped.

Being the utterly confused kid I am, I responded asking which was the case. I receive a response from my nemesis, It had a Fedex tracking number in it. I think to myself, hmmm…I really just wanted my refund, but if this is real, I’m ok with that.

A day later I notice the destination of the package for the tracking number they sent me is Oro Vally, AZ. -_-

I sent them another email. An hour later, my mom calls saying a big package came in the mail from I go to my parents’ house after work and pick it up. It was a Thursday night, so I met up with the Duke, Dave, Nate and Dan at Uno’s. I get back at night and take my case out of the box.

Wrong Case.

So now when I return this awful imiation of a good case, they will probably not refund the shipping they charged for this cheaper case AND I’ll have to foot the shipping back to them.

This has been the worst consumer experience I have ever been put through. I can’t wait until this order is finally cancelled and I receive the case I want from some other site.


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