Time to throw the dice.

Today was my last day of work at NES.

I will very much miss this job, but a risk isn’t a risk without something involved being sacrificed.

I probably passed out 40 or more little slips of paper with my contact info on it to different people in the company. I can expect maybe a tenth of that to even attempt to stay in touch, though in truth I hope its a lot more than that.

(EDIT – by today I mean the 19th. Man its getting late.)

I talk to Jess through email already, and Jenna said she’d start emailing me while she was at work. Sonja and Bonnie said they’d stay in touch. So did Julia. I talk to Big Tim over AIM. Didn’t really get much of a chance to talk to Leah, Amanda or Tara, unfortunately. And thats just in Sales except Tim.

I was a little bummed Jess wasn’t going to be there on my last day, but she came in to get her check. While she was in, she came up to the IT room to say goodbye. That totally made my day. I spent most of the day down in sales, making the final rounds, as it were.

Seems big Tim B. in marketing gave his 2 weeks notice today. He told me the interview with the place in Waltham went well. I’m really happy for him especially since his severance date was so early, December 10th.

I’m going to try to make it to the NES Christmas party on December 17th. Sonja was going to get back to me as soon as they posted some times and whatnot.

Several different cliques of people offered to take me out to drink sometime. Everyone was surprised no one had planned any soft of going away party for me. Jenny W. was sure it was because I had a penis…She might be on to something. It also appeared as though half the company was totally surprised today was my last day. Apparently word didn’t travel very fast, which is totally out of the ordinary there.

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