Cheers to BoA

Cheers to Bank of America for changing all of the old Fleet atms to their own.

Now when I go to withdraw money, I no longer have to see Millie Gonzalez Fleet Employee’s fat face anymore. This woman is a gorilla in the mist and has made my atm usage over the years an unpleasant experience. God forbid I need to deposit some checks AND withdraw some cash, because then I have to see that fucking woman’s ugly face for every transaction I make. Millie probably hasn’t worked for Fleet for 6 years. I’m sure she got her pink slip with a smile and a box to pack up her shit and get the hell out of there.

Normally when Marketing puts a face to a company they want it to be someone attractive or someone the public finds pleasant or relatable, and not some gorilla looking woman that looks like she should be in a WWE wrestling ring fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship Belt.

Thanks for having ‘Higher Standards’, Bank of America!

Vegas Baby!

No drama and lots of cocktails.

Awesome weekend. Got some awesome pics of the bobblehead.

Duke lost his license and my sunglasses (I’m blaming him) 5 minutes into the trip. Other than that, there were many many amusing moments of overtiredness and hangover fun.

The waitresses at the Titlted Kilt were sultry and the dancers at Bikini’s (nightclub not strip club) were outstanding. Gotta love the platforms.