Cheeky Girl

Saturday night I met up with Jeff and Aussie Katie. For those not in the know, when I lived in Australia for almost 5 months, Katie lived in the room directly next to Jeff and I. We all shared one big balcony, which was most excellent.

I met up with Jeff, Katie, and Jeff’s girlfriend Emily in the parking lot of Uno’s. From there, I hopped in their car and we all went into Boston. We got some cheap tickets for that night’s show of Shear Madness. I had a couple of vodka tonics to get myself good and attentive for the show while we waited for showtime in the bar. The show itself was incredibly funny and witty. I do love a good mystery.

After the show, we headed to some restaurant near Fenway for appetizers and drinks. Katie and I each had a Frozen Mudslide. It was chocolatey good and my drink of the weekend. When we got back to Braintree, I realized I had forgotten my house key and everyone was out in Brighton celebrating Tom’s birthday at some party. When I called Greg to see if they were coming back soon, all I really heard him say was that Mikey had just chugged the rest of the bottle of Jager they had brought with them. I figured that I should probably just go home with Jeff, Katie and Emily at that point.

I passed out on the couch, which was definitely too short for my height. Little sleep was had due to that little fact. No hangover in the morning, though. Jeff got some Dunkin Donuts while Katie and I got ready. As I was flipping through the channels I found Crocodile Dundee and made Katie watch it with me again. I’ve probably seen that 4 times with her now. By the time we were ready to go, we were part way through The Mask of Zorro with Antonio Banderas.

We left and went back to the Braintree house where everyone was recovering from the night before while watching some football. I introduced everyone to Katie and Jeff. I left them up there while I showered and changed. Apparently the room went silent as soon as Katie spoke and Chris made her read some magazine so they could just listen to her sultry accent.

Anywho, we made our way into Boston and showed her around Fenway Park, Newbury Street, and Copley. Katie took tons of great pictures, which will be posted whenever I get them. There were a couple of great shots of us trying on sunglasses too. I bought a pair of rock star sunglasses. They rock. We then went to eat at Fire and Ice which was totally cool. Its like a buffet, then you take all the food to the counter and they cook it on this huge circular grille in the middle of the restaurant. When its done they pass it back to you. I also got more Frozen Mudslides for Katie and I again. Tasty.

Then we went to a sex shop. It was sexy.

Then we came back and Katie left. =(

Safe travels Katie. Hopefully I’ll see you again sometime in the next 5 years.

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