First Day at Work

The day is quickly coming to a close, and so has my first day at my new job.

Things I’ve learned on my first day:

  • If your late to the Monday morning meeting on your first day, you don’t have to give a speech to an entire floor’s worth of people.
  • If you call someone Ken, you have an 80% chance of getting their name right.
  • No matter what company it is, you will never have a network login, email, id badge, and everything else they are supposed to give you in the first 10 minutes until the first week is over.
  • If you get to work early, but your new manager keeps you waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes so that you are late, its ok because you don’t have to give a speech.
  • There will always be someone on instant messenger at work, even if it isn’t me.

Other than that, it was ok, but most of the department spent the day in meetings or putting out little support issues, so I think tomorrow will be a day where I meet more people and learn some more of what I’m going to do. That, or after thanksgiving.

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