I got another email from the control tester working on the data my code generated. This is the same code that my manager had that talk to me about.

The email contained a 5 page word document with examples of more errors. -__-

Its really really frustrating to really like your job, really want to do well at it, but keep falling flat on your face.

I gotta straighten this stuff out, or I’m not going to be able to keep this job.

Lost in Snow

Not only did I not go to work this morning, but my housemate dropped my spare car keys in the snow-covered driveway and later on my other housemate used the snowblower.

I’m so not getting another set made. I’ll find them in the Spring.

No Parking

So I woke up late by about ten minutes and missed my turn in the shower, which meant I would be about 20 more minutes late. By the time the shower was free again it was already 7 and the T parking lot closes right about 7:30. There was no chance I would have made it in time, so I took my extra hour of sleep, signed on, and here I am working from home. One of two things will come from this.

  1. I will be super productive with the change of setting and lack of needing to dress up.
  2. I will be utterly distracted by everything that is the house I live in.

2005.18.01 – Successes

I think I’m gonna make this a daily or weekly thing and as the period progresses I will come back and edit the post with my successes. This way I will feel like I accomplished something worthwhile at the end of the day. Ooor maybe motivate me to make that happen.

  • Made a mail rule in Lotus Notes so my inbox isn’t inundated with auto emails anymore.
  • Made this post!
  • Went to Virgin Mega Store and got new headphones (which I think I might hate)
  • Found Logan’s Run and the live action Masters of the Universe on DVD at Virgin

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

I finally got around to seeing the second Resident Evil move last night; Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

My housemate has Netflix and had that movie, so he passed it off to me and told me just to drop it in the mail when I was done. Sweet Deal. I may have to take him up on that more often.

I didn’t think the movie was nearly so bad as most people said it was. It wasn’t really impressive eithter. It just was what it was. I think the only thing I was underwhelmed by was the sorta campy looking creature from the Nemesis program formerly known as Matt. Otherwise I enjoyed watching Milla Jovovitch (sp?) as a total badass kicking ass and taking names.

Bummer @ Work

My manager called me into his office on Friday mid-morning and had me sit down.

He told me he had a received a couple complaints about my work already. Basicly he said the complaint reported that I’m not checking my work, I’m submitting code that isn’t tested, and I’m not following procedure on code pushes and testing (I still haven’t figured out what SOP is on that yet). He said that I should take code quality more seriously than its deadlines. The nature of the data I work with is serious and not to be taken lightly. He reminded me that I’m a contract worker at the moment. They want to take me on full time but if I develope a reputation as a bad programmer I am effectively useless to them and they won’t be able to take me on full time.
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