Aborted Baby

I’ve come to the conclusion that this new color scheme looks like an aborted baby; blood red and disfigured.

Don’t expect it to stay long. Though I might keep it on hand in case I make a selectable CSS choice. In that case, this will be named the Aborted Baby Scheme.

A bit of Red

I was playing the css on this page trying to get some less bland colors going. I hate color coordinating. It always ends up looking like someone puked on a wall and made it into whatever I’m working on or threw a bucket of paint against the wall and did similar. In this case I suppose its the latter with a bucket of red paint.

I will get this to look decent. It might take me a while, but it will happen!

[Edit – This is a little better. Not really there yet though.]
[Edit – I call this the CPS look.]

Down the drain

I can already feel the day going downhill.

I got up to take my shower this morning and there was 2 inches of standing water. It wasn’t even slowly draining. So, I did what any other level headed member of my household would do. I ignored it and washed my hair in the sink. I think I got my hair to stand unusually high today. I’m not sure if thats good or bad.

Summer Gatherings: Step One

Demona and I have been talking about this for a while and collecting data.

We are organizing a gathering during the summer sometime based around one of the many summer anime conventions. We have knowledge that the Transformer Convention this year won’t be until the fall, so we thought it’d be good to keep a summer gathering going even though most of us will be going to the Transformers Con later in the year. Most of us always say we should get together more than once a year, so Demona and I thought we’d supply the opportunity.
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