Shopping Hungry

I went grocery shopping this evening.

I thought to myself, “Self, you need to go shopping. You’re hungry and don’t even have any food for dinner.”

I, of course, was right. So on my way home from work, I went to Stop and Shop. When I got there, it was empty because, really, who goes grocery shopping at 9 o’clock at night. This guy. What an awful decision that was.

I did just like momma used to preach and found the good deals on the stuff I like. Of course, being me and being hungry was a bad combination. Not only did I save a fortune, I went bankrupt doing it. I got $60 worth of groceries just for myself.

I say this, but I think to myself that I wish I had bought more of that Hormel instant chicken soup I just ate. Ah well, at least I bought ramen that was Kosher for Pesach (Passover). If you had any idea of the rest of the stuff I bought you might say to me, “You’re such a bad Jew.” To them I say, “Look at all the money I saved though!”

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