2005 Bloggies

I’m a little late on this one, but about a week or two ago the winners of the 2005 bloggies were announced. Check them out if you get a chance. There are some really great blogs in there with great layouts, humor and information.

Dooce was the overall big winner, sweeping a whole bunch of categories. The runner ups in most of the categories are just as outstanding as the winners. A runner up in the Best American Weblog was Go Fug Yourself which gives are further prove that some women are absolutely evil and love every minute of it.

Are you THIS tall?

As I got off the train this evening and headed toward the escalator/stairs, this incredibly short woman was walking in front of me. I thought to myself, “Wow, she’s pretty tall for a midget. Maybe she’s a dwarf. I wonder what the book definition would declare her to be. I wonder if she shops for clothes in the kids sec…Oh My God!! She’s getting on the escalator! Shouldn’t she be holding someone’s hand or something?! Is she allowed to ride that? Where’s the sign showing the line that she has to be taller than to get on there?!?!”

Once I got to the top of the steps, though, some good old A.D.D. kicked in and I was none the wiser. As I headed for the exit, I saw some kid kick open a door with a T official right outside. The T official sarcastically told him to have a nice day and the kid flipped him off 3 inches from his face. “Nice. Real nice.” was the guy’s clever and witty response. Good for him for not letting it get to him. It must suck working for the MBTA.

Crack Patch Kids

Ever watch one of those high school sitcoms where a health class would hand out doll babies that assigned couples were charged to take care of? Well, teens in the UK are being subjected to the same thing except in this case their dolls are actually Crack babies who mimick actual babies that were born while their mothers abused drugs and/or alcohol.

These crack baby dolls are just disturbing.


Link Dump 2005.03.15

‘Wedgie’ has been added to the Webster’s Dictionary.

Manhole cover theft is a problem in China.

High to mid level bowling balls are now being offered in scents, increasing sales.

Don’t try to ‘reason’ with chimps. They will totally flip out and kick your ass.

Yahoo Question of the day for 2005.03.14
How does earwax build up?

Yahoo Question of the day for 2005.03.15
When did cubicles become the norm for office workers?

Art Clarification

Just as a clarification on the art section of this site. All the art in there was done by me. Someone asked last night, so I wanted to point that out to everyone. I will have to put that at the top of that page. ‘Art by me’ or something equally as clever.