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What a productive day I’m having. The RSS is in fact fixed with the upgrade. The Duke confirmed it for me. Many thanks go to Lady Demona for the help with the Lazy Gallery plug-in that doesn’t like brinkster.

We now have Galleries. Some pictures from my trip to Australia are up, in addition to some pictures I snapped at AnimeBoston2005. Enjoy! I’ll be adding more pictures soon.

[Edit – Crazy: I upgraded my galleries today so most of these links won’t work properly. Fair warning. 2006.06.03]

2 thoughts on “Photo Galleries

  1. Demona: try to hardcode
    Crazy: XD
    Demona: got it???
    Crazy: i’d give you a big bear hug if i could
    Demona: hahahaha

    Got to love brute force!!!

  2. At that point, I was willing to try anything. Everytime I try to upgrade this site something goes wrong, even if its just a plug-in. At least 1.5.1 and the new theme went off without a hitch.

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