Expense This

I decided it was time for a little hardware upgrade for my current setup.

You may say, these seem fairly superficial. I may say yes, but here’s why. The monitor I have is a 19″ CRT that might be bigger than some of my roommates’ cars and I have had it now for about 4 years now. My father has graciously offered to take it off my hands for his own use once the new LCD panel comes in.

The harddrive, well, just look at the price. I can always use more space and sadly my 160 GB drive is giving me some problems lately, so I will be swapping it out for the new one and maybe try to fix whatever the formatting issue is with the 160GB while its free from use. This should put me well over the 500 GB mark not including the 160 I’ll be taking out.

The network switch I have immediate need for. Sadly, the wireless Netgear adapter I had on my server met with an unfortunate end. So I need to get my server back on the network and this will also give me extra ports for peripherals and my laptop(s).

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