Is your refrigerator running?

Yesterday I decided to be ambitious. The little icebox in my mini-fridge had about an inch thick layer of ice all around and in general the inside of the fridge was fairly dirty. I took this opportunity to clean all the old food out and defrost the fridge. In my attempt to outfox nature and science, I put a plastic container underneath the icebox to catch the dripping ice water so it wouldn’t make a mess. In addition, I put a brand new blue towel at the bottom of the fridge to absorb the water that did not drip in the container.

I failed to predict the possibility that the ice might fall in chunks before it all melted, so a few large chunks missed the container, saturating the towel and still dripping onto my floor.

The kicker?

The towel ran. There is a blue puddle stain on my floor now until I feel so motivated as to apply cleaning products to remove it. One day this room will be clean. Granted, it may be the day after I move out.

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