Link Dump 2005.06.03

Realized I hadn’t made an update in a while. Sorry about that.
Here’s a new Link Dump to settle your need for escape.

The Darth Blog – Brings amazing insight into a character we don’t really know once he hit his turning point and beyond.

Vin Diesel Randomness – As if anyone hasn’t seen this by now. Endless amounts of time wasted here.

Flash animation repository – Some fairly entertaining stuff in there. Check out the Music Videos and watch ‘Everybody has had more sex than me.’, Numa Numa, and more.

Traitor Bear – One Care Bear you do not want to mess with.

Firefox Extension: StumbleUpon – Sort of like a ‘Feeling Lucky’ button that gives you a random webpage that is rated by others (and you) to help you waste some times. Choice quote from a reviewer; ‘The greatest time-saving time waster of all time.’

PostSecret – A phenomonal confessional wegpage where people are encouraged to be as creative as possible sending in their confessions on a postcard. Updated every Sunday.

aDam’s AnimeNorth 2005 Gallery – aDam and Janine went to AnimeNorth and posted pictures. Props to Janine for cosplaying as an ANBU guard from Naruto!

DIY Catapult – Why not?

Frog Flash Game – Overseas, there is a ringtone that is called something like the Crazy Frog ringtone. It has actually surpassed real music to take the number one spot on whatever chart they use to keep track of that crap. Apparently some people aren’t a fan. My high score so far was about 76.

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