Gone Fishin'

I went fishing with my dad yesterday. It was pretty cool. We didn’t have much luck at first. My dad kept catching fish that were not for eating. I caught a Cod that was about a foot long and we had to throw it back. After moving to several different spots, my line jerked and I started to reel it in as best I could. The rod was bending so much that my dad was sure it was caught on the bottom on something, but I kept telling him it was definintely a fish. Sure enough when I had reeled it all in, I had caught a 24 inch Cod. It was my first keeper and first big fish. Very coool. I was giddy. Then my dad caught a 28 inch Cod not long after. It was a pretty successful outting, though I went into the cabin, when my dad went to filet the fish. I couldn’t watch.

The day before we had gone to a Thai restaurant for someone’s birthday at work. I had ordered fish, but I ordered it wrong and sure enough when my plate came out there was a whole fish staring right back at me, deep fried. I must have had some horrified look on my face because everyone laughed. I managed to eat it though. I had trouble because the frying had dried a lot of it out but once I dug deeper I found some edible stuff. I thought the girl next to me was going to lose it when I started to move the spine out of the way to get underneath. (I thought I was going to lose it too!)

How ironic the very next day I would end up going fishing.

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