Thieving IPods

In the past 2 weeks, 3 IPods have been stolen here at work. One was in an unlocked draw of a cubicle, another was on a desk in an office, and I don’t know any details of the third one. The first two happened between 6pm and 8pm while the individuals were out getting dinner.

Its an unsettling thought that I might have been working while the person went to the office right around the corner and swiped one of the IPods. Moreso, that the IPod was all that was taken. The laptop was on his desk along with plenty of other items. It might just be the conveniently small form factor and current popularity that made the thief choose that item in particular, not to mention twice more in the future. I’ve been making it a point to make sure my Zen Touch is out of site when I’m not around, but I still feel uneasy that it isn’t somewhere secured or at least under lock and key. When we received our company laptops, everyone got a laptop lock so we could secure it while working here in the office. An excellent preventative measure, though only some use it. Admittedly I was not among them until I heard about the missing devices.

Digital Audio Players are so prevalent on my morning and afternoon commute, I’m fairly surprised I haven’t heard of more thefts. I did read in the Metro the other that there were about 9 reported thefts on the subway of IPods or similar DAPs, but that seems low compared to their clear saturation of the commuting populace.

In general, it greatly disturbs me when I work hard for something and it is taken away with nothing in its stead. Equal trade; nothing can be gained without losing something in return.

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