Summer 2005 Trip #2: Otakon 2005

I am back from crabby Baltimore!

Otakon 2005 was a blast! 22,000 Otaku in one place is a crazy site.

I have posted a gallery here accessible by the handy dandy Galleries link at the top of the page.

I will add more to the gallery as other people from the trip send me their pictures.

Pictures of note:
Generic Asian Male
The Trekkie at an Anime Convention
A midget playing DDR against a girl in high heels
Sailor Moon is a commie
Go Go Gadget Copter!
The seashell by the toilet (we couldn’t find the other two)
An 8 foot tall statue of Alphonse Elric of Fullmetal Alchemist
Level 2 Sasuke Fighting Chakra Fox Naruto!
The Jedi Council
And Yours Truly as the ever badass Chuunin Exam Uchiha Sasuke

[Edit – Crazy: Updated gallery plugin today. Fixed links accordingly. 20060603]

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