Freshness Sustained!

Nabisco! You rascals you!

After 20 years of struggling to keep your cookies fresh in the package, you’ve finally come up with a solution.

First it was the annoying twist-tie type bar to fold around the end of the folded package, but that kept falling off and was easy to lose. Then a couple of years ago, a resealable sticky tab was placed on the top of the package to stick down the end of the folded package. There wasn’t enough packaging to fold up and under the sticky tab and if you cut some of the plastic insert out from the inside, the sticky tab rarely did an effective job of keeping it sealed. A true disappointment.

You’ve finally had your wacky scientists and engineers hard at work to discover the true way to keep your scrumptious delicacies from going to waste before their prime, while remaining in the original packaging.

At Last!

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