I feel like I’m entering another period of extreme restlessness. The last time it was this bad, I finally got off my posterior and made this blog. It has a bit of a following now, it seems. Lurkers mostly. There are not many registered users that can comment on posts, but I suppose thats alright. I still haven’t gotten around to fixing that email auto-confirmation that sends you your password to gain access to the comment boxes. I will have to bump that to a higher priority on my list of things to do.

Anyway, I get this feeling a lot. I am a lazy person by nature and it disgusts me often. These periods are more or less the disgusted part of me trying to break through and get something accomplished for myself. Setting up this blog was a really great thing for me whether anyone reads it or not. I enjoy working on it and adding content when I can.

There are a lot of ideas I’ve had that I’ve never done anything about. I’m tired of waiting around for some intangible point in time to begin working on some of these ideas. The status quo won’t change. Geography is not going to change itself to help my ideas gain fruition nor will time itself. I’m starting to realize if I don’t start working on some of these things soon and work through the obstacles they may as well never be worked on. An idea is nothing without action.

I’m afraid of succumbing to the sloth and falling into another depression. I don’t think I can handle that again. Its time to move forward…

Flash Game of the Week: Cubeoban

Here we have another addictive puzzle game. The best part of the game is that it has an end. There are 30 levels to beat. At the bottom of each level is a little code that you can enter on the first screen to get back to that level at a later point in time. So not only is it beatable but it also has a rudimentary save feature. Another plus is that there is no score so noone can hold over your head how many less moves it took them to move 50 blocks into place.

Link: Cubeoban

Jesus does not have my back

I was in Newbury Comics last night picking up a gift for a friend. Since the pub crawl is this weekend, I thought I’d pick up an amusing shirt to wear for the festivities at the same time. I walked around and decided on the ‘Jesus has my back’ t-shirt because thats just funny. When I asked about it at the counter, they couldn’t find any. The one on display was sadly a large, while I am somewhere between a small and a medium.

So Jesus totally does not have my back.

Oh well. I’m sure Ron Jeremy or Mr. T will have my back next time.

Condiment Foul!

A little while ago on an Uno’s night, my friend Dave was trying to pour ketchup onto his plate. As it happens the neck of the bottle was clogged as is a common problem with ketchup bottles. The next thing I know he is sticking a french fry into the bottle to try and unclog it.

I was astounded and taken aback! You cannot violate a ketchup bottle in such a way! Other people pour from that bottle’s orifice which has been thoroughly violated. How many times have you gotten a dirty piece of flatware at the beginning of a meal? People are then sticking these barely clean instruments into places where no object should go outside of the viscous joy of ketchup! You do NOT go in the out! But my friend didn’t even do that, he stuck a piece of food in the bottle. Its bad enough that restaurants pour the remains of one bottle into another.

For the readers’ benefit, I have linked to two separate explanations of how to properly dislodge that little wall of ketchup blocking the neck.

The short version.

The in-depth version.

Don’t let me catch you sticking things where they don’t belong!

For more information on the history of ketchup go here.