Snowed In

It was forecasted that we were to get well over a foot of snow this past Saturday evening. In true BH tradition my roommates put together a last minute 4-bar pubcrawl ending at our house where everyone would sleep over and be snowed in with us (and have their cars fill our driveway so we have less to shovel). I had a little to drink and just went to bed when we got to the house. I was sick. The others stayed up and drank. Next thing I know, Natalie (roommate) is knocking on my door and Mike’s door, yelling, “Breakfast!” It was somehow noon.

I groggily got out of bed and followed them upstairs to the top floor. On the way up, I could see we really did get over a foot of snow. Despite my headache and sickness, that brightened me a bit. Greg was making breakfast for everyone. I’m not sure how many movies we then watched but it seemed like 3 or 4 including Eurotrip and Wedding Crashers. It was decided after that, that we needed to go shovel before it got dark. We all suited up and got ready for the fun to ensue. Mike decided it would add value to the experience by taking out his Halloween costume and shoveling in the penguin suit. He wasn’t wrong.


Unlike last year, we actually had enough shovels for everyone. Fortunately the snow was light and fluffy and quite easy to move. It did not take long for us to clear away most of the bare driveway where cars weren’t parked. Whilst shoveling, it was brought up how Chris wasn’t out helping us. Trainer and Mike had some sort of telepathic discussion and just started shoveling snow onto Chris’ pickup truck. It was not long before all of us were helping with the effort. Train, Tom, Mike, Greg and myself all contributed, though, admittedly I spent half the time on the ground because I kept falling for no apparent reason. I kept loosing my footing and just couldn’t stay standing. I did have the foresight to grab my camera, however, and take some photographic evidence of the endeavor we had all embarked on.

Before the fun

Before we were done we noticed that one of cars in the driveway had a window down all night. When Mike asked Danielle who was riding shotgun in her car it turned it was actually him, so it was entirely possible he left the window down when they got back last night. Oops!


After we had completely covered Chris’ truck in snow so that all you could see was his radio antenna, Greg and Train decided to climb the tree above to get onto the back for a picture op. Greg basically jumped out of the tree onto the truck. Train stayed in the tree. Good call, Train.

Look out below!

While we covered the truck, it was mentioned how Chris was just going to wait until it thawed out and not leave until Spring. Train’s response: “Its not like he has to go to work tomorrow.” Too true, Train. Too true.

Chris did sleep over that night and not even attempt to clean his car off until everyone started to get home from work at 17:00 EST. I’m not sure if he thought we were going to help him. Mike grabbed me and my camera as soon as he realized Chris was out there and we photographed the ensuing comedy. Initially Chris, just cleared his door away and tried to back the truck up. That clearly wasn’t going to work so he continued to clear away snow while I shot some video of him just as Greg happened to be pulling in from work. There would be sound, but its really just Mike and I giggling uncontrollably watching Chris.

Shovel Chris! Shovel!

Chris repeated his attempts to back up the truck multiple times with only clearing the back away and the door. Of course, when it finally worked and he was able to back up a couple of feet, he naturally trapped himself in. He couldn’t open the door due to all of the snow blocking it that he had avoided clearing away. He rolled down his window and tried to push some of it away with little to no result. He had to pull back up to its original place a few times before he finally got the truck out.


There is still a husk of snow shaped like Chris’ truck on the front lawn from the snow he was too lazy to clear away from the sides of his car.

I setup a full gallery for all the pictures we took that didn’t make it this post. You check that out here.

And here are a couple more priceless shots:

Where was Chris while we shoveled? Right here holding the remote:
The before:
Before the fun
The after:
A true team effort
The after after:
The lazy finger

[Edit – Crazy: Updated Gallery plugin. Link updated accordingly. 2006.06.03]

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