Flash Game of the Week: Marvin Spectrum

This one was confusing to me at first because I never read the instructions how to play any of these games. Here’s how it works, for each obstacle you either jump (up), duck (down) or roll (right) through the obstacles. Depending on the color of the area you move through, you have to change your character to that color based on the keys it shows at the beginning of the level. The first level you start at blue, the second level adds green, third adds red and the last adds purple. I had some difficulty telling the blue and purple apart, but I did pretty well on the other levels.

113 was my high. Once the fourth color was added, it was nearly impossible for me to keep track of the colors and the obstacles at the same time.


One thought on “Flash Game of the Week: Marvin Spectrum

  1. Cool game. Love the music for it. My score was 140 normal. 28 on high score and 19 customes unlock. My troublewith the game is keeping my figures clear on which color to press.

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