Flash Game of the Week: Escape!

First, I would like to apologize ahead of time for giving out this link. This game is one of those game that make you irrationally furious for its simplicity and irresistable need to continue playing and beat your friends’ high score. I played this at my old job quite a bit and managed to get somewhere around 50 some odd seconds. After playing a little bit today, I hit 26.719 seconds. That shouldn’t be a hard score to beat. Good Luck!

Move the red cube by dragging it with your mouse and avoid the blue shapes without going outside the boundaries.


One thought on “Flash Game of the Week: Escape!

  1. I know that by the time I am postnig this you have already beaten your previous time, but I will say that after becoming truly irrationally furious with 4 consecutive turns coming in at 25.426, 26.468, 26.628 and 26.428 I finally topped your score with a 27.149 and became irrationally elated!

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