New Years 2007

After I got back from the cruise, I had about 2 hours to eat and get dressed up in either a suit or a costume for the big new years bash being thrown at the Braintree House. I thought dressing in a suit and consuming alcohol would be a poor combination so while I was in the Carribean, I picked up a couple of sweet button up island shirts and some sunglasses. So my costume was me still on vacation. Here’s a picture of me in my costume and my lovely roommate Natalie. One of my friends was quick to point out that it looks like she is not wearing a shirt. I was just excited to be there.


There was lots of mirth and merriment to go around with good friends, both old and new, and an abundance of champaigne.
You can see an example of said merriment in the following video:

Check out the rest of the pictures in the gallery here.

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