Hunting the Feisty Fawn

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I have finally taken that large leap that I’ve been saying I wanted to take for quite a long time.

No, I have not quit my job to live off the fat of the land…yet.

I installed Linux on my laptop!

I know, not quite the huge leap you were expecting. More like the thing the everyone tones out when I speak because I’ve stated it so many times passively. While I was at Otakon though, Joaquin had a really nice setup on his laptop and he explained it a little to me. I was very interested, so when I got home I downloaded everything I needed to install Ubuntu 7.04 the Fiesty Fawn release. I ended up wiping my laptop and reloading Windows XP, then installed Ubuntu as another boot option. That way when I start up my computer I can either go into Windows or into Ubuntu. Neat!

Ubuntu comes with a lot of helpful applications, but at some point I knew I’d need to install something else, so I wanted to figure out how sooner than later. I looked up a list of top Ubuntu programs to install after you’ve loaded the OS. Number eleven on that list was a game; Frozen Bubble. I figured it was as good as any a place to start, so I managed to get it loaded and installed. I fired it up and lo and behold, what game is it, but a linux version of Snood, the most addictive, awful game ever created.

Goodbye productivity. I’m on level 63 right now. -_-

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