Photographic Malfunction

Take a look at the picture from my previous post. Notice anything funny?

If you can take your eyes away from those delicious cookies, you’ll note a strange line running across the bottom left side of the photo. I didn’t notice it until this afternoon. That picture was taken with my still fairly new digital camera. When I looked back at the other pictures I had taken yesterday, I noticed that they all had the same line. Not only that, but a few that I had taken most recently had another horizontal line directly through the center of the pictures. I had taken quite a few pictures yesterday since I am trying to take a picture of each toy I get before I open it. The pictures are for a project I am working on for Regardless, I then tried to snap a new picture of anything and previewed the image and sure enough both lines were clearly visible. These lines were not just a hair or something of the sort. They actually looked like scrambled bits or static. I worried about what I should do about it for most of the day while I attempted to clean my room, do laundry and run errands.

While playing around with it just now, on a whim, I turned the flash on and took a picture. Sure enough, no lines. Turned the flash off and took another picture. No lines again.

The sigh of relief ensues here.

I don’t know what happened, but I have dropped the camera a few times by accident and was really afraid I had damaged it and would need to purchase another one so soon after getting it. I’m just glad I kept tinkering with it.

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