Toying with the idea

I have this semi-new self-imposed rule that I have to take a picture of any new toys in package before I open it. This is for several reasons. It gives me less incentive to hold on to the packaging for future reference. It also allows me to build an easy to access image archive of toys I own. At the moment, its fairly unorganized and while I do have plans for them in the future, there is no immediate need to organize them. Naturally I’m not going to be motivated to do this without a valid need to do so. Along these lines, I’ve also been considering just uploading them to this site’s gallery for more content. This would also give me the added incentive to organize the collection of images.

One of the downsides to my system is that the boxed and carded toys tend to stack up in large piles before I get the opportunity to actually photograph and open them. I have never been forced to notice this to such a degree that I have been forced to open nearly everything that I don’t already have open, until recently. As I slowly pack my room for my move September 1st, I am only just now realizing just how many toys I never got around to opening. Its a truly staggering revelation.

Time to go open some more toys and immediately pack them.


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