Out with the old, In with the new 2009 Edition

Just before the holiday break, I misplaced my pen. This may not sound significant to the unfamiliar, but those who are around me any length know that I carry a small moleskine notebook on me at all times. I use a single and specific pen to do nearly all the writing in that notebook as well as a larger moleskine notebook I have at work for work notes. This pen is a Cross Ion Metal gel ink pen. This brought much of my note-taking and list-making to a screeching halt over the break. Mostly due to my lengthy search to locate and rescue my gel ink cartridge-toting writing implement. It was a wonderful pen. It wrote as smoothly as writing your name in snow with urine.

All is not lost though. As 2008 has come to a close and 2009 has sparked to life, I have changed over to a new notebook, as I do annually. In this timely and convenient period of change, I have looked upon Amazon.com and ordered a new implement with which to write my name in the yellow snow-like pages of my new notebook.

Behold the Cross Ion Lunar Gray.

Due to arrive in roughly 2-18 weeks. Gotta love Super Saver Shipping!

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