The cost of parking is about to go up

By parking, I mean violation.

I got a parking ticket last Saturday. Totally my fault. I knowingly parked in a Bus stop. I was just exhausted and didn’t want to carry anything too far, then got distracted and lost track of time. I forgot about the car and realized I had a ticket when someone came to pick me up to go out. Naturally I moved the car right away and paid the ticket within five days. I think it said I had 21. The cost of said ticket was 55 American Dollars. Pretty expensive. It was my fault though and the fines serve a purpose to remind us not to park where we are not supposed to since there are good reasons we shouldn’t be parking in those places.

Anyway, the Monday after I got the ticket, I came into work for the first work day of the new year. Very exciting. I kid.

I begin to read my daily Metro newspaper and what is on the second page, but an article going over proposals for parking ticket hikes. In this particular article, bus stop fines were specifically mentioned as going up from 55 to 100 American Dollars! This article mentions that residential parking fines most likely won’t be affected. Thats nice to know since they are even lower than the bus stop fines at the bargain basement fee of 40 American Dollars.

I really need to get that residential parking sticker I just have not found time to get yet.

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