Snow Crash

I finished Snow Crash the night before last.

I must say it was an amazing book. I was totally enthralled. Its based in a cyberpunk type of setting in a corporat-ized United States. The government barely exists anymore. The country is more or less run around several different corporate franchise chains including Pizza delivery, Churches, and living units. The author paints a very vivid picture of the surroundings and has his own version of virtual reality called the Metaverse where people gather online all over the world. Similar to our modern day MMORPG’s. Considering it was written between 1989 and 1991, I’m amazed at how much of it is still quite dead on accurate. In fact, I thought it was a very recent novel until I finished and read the colophon in the back.
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Harmonic Disturbance

It is fairly commonplace on the subway to have an mp3 player of some sort. Maybe 7 out of every 10 people specifically have some kind of iPod. I sat next to a girl today who was using a regular iPod with large headphones that covered both of ears for better sound. What she probably did not know is that they were projecting her current audio preference on the exterior of the headphones quite loudly.

It didn’t really bother me at all, but I think some of the other passengers weren’t as apathetic to the entirely chinese playlist this girl had selected for all of us to listen.

Recovering from the sickness

Went to work on Thursday and Friday. Thursday started off with me getting shampoo in my eye…yeah, I’m pretty sure that was the highlight of my day.

Friday was slow but I felt a bit better. I still have this awful hacking cough, though, I can’t seem to lose.

Today consisted of cleaning my room, ripping more of my cds so I can listen to them on my Zen Touch and watching American Psycho with the roommates. That is one fucked up movie.

Oh well, maybe I’ll get more done tomorrow.

At least the new Garbage album drops on Tuesday.

Weekend Recap

Sam was up this weekend.

We (Peggy and I) took Sam around the city and other typical new england sites. I never knew the candlepin bowling was only a new england thing. Newbury comics was a wicked good time. And Sam bore witness to the hate train.

Yesterday was Sam’s last day, but I got thoroughly sick very early in the morning. So sick, in fact, that my parents had to pick me up at the BH and bring me to the doctor. We dropped Sam off at the Braintree T station where Peggy was going to meet him and bring him around til his flight left later in the day since I was down for the count more or less. I couldn’t keep any solids or liquids down for most of the day yesterday and had a lot of trouble breathing and moving around in general. Feeling a bit better, but I’m being held hostage at my parents house until they feel I’m ok to go back home now.