Convention Season!

Its that time of the year again.

AnimeBoston2005 is this weekend. I registered last night. The lines were a little long, but because I didn’t pre-register my line was much shorter (oh the irony). They were amazingly well organized from what I’ve seen so far. Many people have been arriving all day. Anytime someone went downstairs, all they could talk about were the cosplayers. I’m really excited for this weekend. I’ll be there for most of the day tomorrow with Brendan and company and maybe sunday too with the Duke. I’m going to stop by after work today too so I can try and pick up one of the limited edition prints from C-A-D. That was tops on the Duke’s list and he isn’t going to make it in time before they run out I think.

It was kind of weird standing in line yesterday when I realized that this was the first time I went through all this without the usual crowd from Botcons past. I must admit, though, its nice to have a convention that is actually in my city and close by.

In a sad and worrisome twist of news, the convention in Baltimore, Otakon, has no vacany left at the hotel our group was shooting for. We have to plan what to do next now. This makes me really mad at my memory and procrastination. I guess we’ll figure it out.

Queueing the List of Tasks

I made a list of things to do. It is as follows:

  • research dvd player for coach
  • christy’s db
  • work on project from work
  • pre-order HP6 and Wheel Of Time 11
  • clean room and finish
  • burn tick for andy
  • watch robot chicken
  • give Elysa her bday gift

Garbage Broadcast Part Deux

So a buddy of mine who was trying to record the broadcast on Thursday failed miserably, much to my chagrin.

On a positive note, later that day, I mentioned it to a friend and he linked me to the bootleg of the show in Atlanta 3 nights before. Quality isn’t as good as the WBCN one would have been, but its not fucking bad. I’m listening to it right now.

Thanks Zac.

Scalped and Tested

I finally received an offer letter from my company on Wednesday (i think, but it might have been Tuesday) to come on as a full time salaried employee. This is about 2-3 months overdue because of all the shenanigans and transition drama forced upon us by the division buy out by EDS. Becoming a full time employee is sort of exciting because now I get benefits even though I’ll be making a little bit less overall, mostly due to the fact that I won’t be getting overtime anymore.

Anyway, part of this whole hiring process involves a drug test. I’m not entirely ok with that for a number of reasons, but I do need the job and I can’t really refuse the test if I want to lose the stigma of the contractor role. So I was told where the testing place was and that its a walk-in clinic. I chose this morning to go and notified my team that I’d be coming into work late due to the test. As soon as I woke up this morning, I had to go to the bathroom really bad. Not thinking about it, I went. As I take my great sigh of relief at the end, it dawns on me that I was supposed to hold it for another couple hours for this test. I’m pretty sure if I had even waited a minute longer, nevermind a couple hours, I would have pissed my pants. After my shower, I drank as much water as I could, in the hopes I’d have to go by the time I got to the clinic.
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Morning Salutations

I’ve noticed lately noone says ‘Good Morning’ anymore, myself included. Its usually just ‘Morning’ or something shortened like that.

I’m pretty sure its not a ‘good morning’ unless there is only about an hour or two left of it when you wake up.

Garbage Live Broadcast

Tonight, at Avalon, Garbage is playing. Unfortunately by the time I found out they were having a concert, the show was already sold out. Its too bad that WBCN, the local rock station in Boston, doesn’t have an RSS feed for stuff like that because I really would have like to have gone. Especially since I am working from home anyway tomorrow due to the running of the Annual Boston Marathon. Anyway, I found out this week that WBCN is going to record the concert and rebroadcast it on Thursday at noon.

They usually post audio of interviews with bands and stuff on their website, but I’ve never seen them post a full concert that they’ve re-aired. So now I’m trying to figure out how to record the broadcast since I’ll be at work and I’m not even certain I have the right stuff to do it with.
Can anybody help me out with this or give me some suggestions?


My Chemical Romance

I bought the My Chemical Romance album a little while back and after listening to it a few times pretty much dismissed it. Nothing particularly catchy or captivating about.

Yesterday, while I was waiting for a phone call from a friend, I was watching some music videos. The MCR video for their song Helena came on and I decided not to switch to another channel. I was pleasantly surprised by the video. It was sort of a return to an operatic style like the old glam rock stuff. Kind of interesting. It seems I need to give the album a second chance.