I’ve been pretty busy lately with work and unpacking among other things, so I haven’t had as much time to do things I’d like to do like blog and work on a number of side projects I’ve been trying to get off the ground for what seems like forever. Whenever this happens I usually get a little down, which is the case in this instance. To the point where I’ve been pretty unmotivated to do anything I don’t absolutely have to do (like work. can’t not do that.). This is another reason for the lack of posting here and also for the past week or so at powet. Powet’s been eating up a good chunk of time as well, but thats the point of being a part of it; to spend time doing something I like.

I keep thinking about where my life is at the moment and can’t help but be dissatified. Not that things, aren’t going well. Thats entirely not the case. I’m now living in a fantastic house with two roommates I get along with really well. If I look back one year ago, I’m doing signicantly better now in the working world. I have a much better handle on the technologies I work with and how to use them and I think I’m getting better every day or at least I’m trying to make that happen. I’m also going out more with friends and generally enjoying life more.
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Nerd Welfare

[15:52] Brendan: i think ultimates proves that its getting too expensive to be a nerd nowadays
[15:53] Brendan: or atleast a nerd with varied interests
[15:53] Me: how do you figure?
[15:54] Brendan: i cant afford comics, anime, toys, science fitcion to level that i would really like to be at
[15:54] Me: that just means your not nerdy enough
[15:54] Me: bittorrent
[15:54] Me: its like nerd welfare
[15:54] Brendan: haha

BH2 Week One

It has now officially been a week since I moved into the Brighton House. I have an astounding amount of stuff to unpack still, but my room is starting to shape up quite nicely. In fact, the whole house is. There have been a few calls to my dad asking him how to get home, but for the most part I haven’t had too much trouble finding my way around. We are in close proximity to an astounding amount of different things.

Before this morning I knew only one way to get here and one way to get back to the Braintree area. Those two ways are not the same, however. The way back to Braintree that I knew required a $1 toll. I decided this morning to try and find the way back there via the path I use to get here. After getting almost all the way through the city of Boston and back to the safety of 93 South which would have led me directly to Braintree, I was following the signs saying ‘Quincy/Airport’ because I go through Quincy before I hit Braintree. As I followed these signs I came to a point where there was no longer a sign with Quincy on it. There was one sign with a couple exit numbers on it and another that said Airport. So naturally I followed the one that said Airport hoping that it would lead in the same direction of Quincy. I was wrong.

I called the Duke to let him know that I’d be a bit late to frisbee. He asked me if everything was alright and I mentioned that I was lost. When asked where I was, I mentioned that I was navigating my way through the roadway of maze called the Airport. After he was done laughing, he told me to just follow the exit signs and it would eventually take me to 93 South again. I did so. As I found the exit, I came to realize I was at another toll. I pulled up reluctantly with nowhere else to go and rolled my window down. ‘That’ll be three dollars,’ he said. I counted out three bills while cursing under my breath.

After paying the toll, I quickly found myself to familiar territory and on my way to frisbee in the sleet and hail that we played in anyway.

So what have we learned today? There is no such thing as a free lunch, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. That and don’t take the Airport exit or you’ll pay three times as much as you would have paid going the easy way.

Link Dump 2006.04.06

I give you your link dump for April 6th, 2006:


Gundam vs Great Mazinger – Actual model robots fighting each other on a Japanese game show. A must for any giant robot fan.

[EDIT – I’ll be honest this link dump had at least 7 different links in it. I’m not sure exactly what happened but now most of them are gone and I don’t know what they were. I’ll try to figure it out. Sorry about that! Guess I might be upgrading sooner than I expected… -Crazy]