Nurse Me

I have spent the last three days penned up in my room because I’ve been pretty sick. I worked from home Thursday and Friday only because one person was depending on my help. Thursday was a real struggle. I was practically dozing off in my chair when I wasn’t finishing off another box of tissues. One of my roommates and his girlfriend went grocery shopping in the evening and were quite thoughtful enough to try and cheer me up by getting me a big vat of chocolate chip cookies. They know me far too well. I brightened right up and inhaled 4 cookies.

They were delicious! I finished them off for breakfast this morning. Yum!

Last night, my parents came by and dropped off a big vat of soup that my mom made and some groceries since I’ve been sick since I got back from Otakon and haven’t had time to go shopping. They couldn’t come in because we can’t risk my dad getting sick. He had eye surgery on Monday so no need tempting fate. He looks fine and seems to be recovering his vision quite well.

Most of you won’t know the reference, but Nurse Me is actually the name of a Hentai. It was the hentai used for Dick and Buster’s Hentai Extravaganza panel at AnimeBoston two years ago. It was used for live dubbing. There are few things I will experience funnier than what I was a witness to that night. I don’t remember what the hentai was about, but thats not really important (is it ever?) After getting special attention the past two nights, I figured I deserved some attention tonight. Third time’s the charm as they say.

Sadly, noone is really around and I have nothing but this computer and a connection to the internet to entertain me.

I think I’ll go watch some hentai.

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