Empty Promises

Oh Blog. How I have abused and abandoned you.

I made empty promise after empty promise to tend to your upkeep.

I am here to make a new set of possibly empty promises to you so that you will not leave me and wander the Tubes like the orphan I have forced you to become.

It begins with a makeover.
WordPress 2.5 was released yesterday. I am going to upgrade your system. Hopefully, your little plug-in play-friends will cooperate.

Next comes the meal of content.
When I started you, oh little blog, I wanted to make you accessible to my friends who are mostly not into many of the same subjects that you and I are interested. I wanted to make the point that I was an interesting person beyond these things. No longer. I can no more deny who we are than I could go without ketchup accompanying nearly all of my meals. No more deny the random musings held inside than I could stay awake for an entire work day. I can no more deny the child-like fascination beholden to my interests than reduce my caloric intake for a day.

Prepare yourselves, netizens!

I am going to blog about toys.*

*Note: This is in addition to the infrequent and witty posts already contributed. Sure to be just as infrequent.

AnimeBoston 2008

Another year, another variation of the costume.

Time Jump Sasuke

AnimeBoston came early this year. March 21-23.

Brenna came to town again for the con. Friday, the first day of the con was her 23rd birthday. Naturally, we celebrated, but one thing at a time. I have posted a not so brief summary of the week/weekend after the jump, but if you are only interested in seeing the pictures, you can check out the gallery here.
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Link Dump 2008.03.27

Its been a while.

Purple and Brown.
An amusing series of claymation shorts made by the same people that did Wallace and Gromit.

IDW Comic Cover Contest Results.
The final results of the final round for the IDW Transformers Comic Cover Contest. A couple of these pieces really stand out, especially the winner.

Sprite Sheet Database.
A sprite sheet is basically a collection of images that make up an animation, traditionally in a video game. This site has a wealth of user submitted sprite sheets from very old and very current games, both domestic and imported.