Brenna's Halloween visit

So Brenna is coming tomorrow and I never got around to blogging about her last visit. I figured this would be a good opportunity.

Duke picked me up on the way to the airport because he was nice enough to help out with a ride since my dad still had my car. She was already waiting for us since we were a little late because I was scrubbing my toilet and Mike had someone do maintenance to his car despite his best efforts to refuse. We made our way back to Mike’s new condo where he and Danielle cooked for us, while Brenna and I watched Transformers on Blu-Ray. It was pretty sweet. I was pretty stuffed. After dinner, Brenna and I finished watching Transformers while both Duke and Danielle dozed off on the couch. When Mike finally roused himself, he drove us back to my apartment. We crashed almost immediately because we were both exhausted and we had a big day ahead of us on the morrow.

Friday was Halloween. We spent the day looking at schools. After I nearly got us lost and made us 15 minutes late, we got to MassArt and only ended up missing a few minutes of the info session. The session consisted of a kid and his parents, another kid who was looking to transfer, his girlfriend, and Brenna and I. After the info session we went on a long and winding tour of the campus and I have to say I was really wowed by their facilities. It really made me consider some graduate classes. Once the tour ended we had a little free time until we had to make our way to New England School of Art and Design (NESAD, cuz I’m not typing that all out again). We walked a little way toward NorthEastern and had lunch at Symphony Sushi. It was quite tasty. NESAD was underwhelming from my perspective. She didn’t even show us the art studio which is where Brenna probably would be spending most of her time. She said “If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” She was clearly an administrative person who went to school for administrative things because thats the opposite of the truth. The rest of the tour was average. It really seemed like a commuter school. A majority of the time I spent sleeping in a chair outside of an office because I wasn’t feeling well and Brenna was meeting different people and talking things over with admissions people. We took the long journey home to my apartment because after that because my health was deteriorating. Realizing I didn’t have any sudafed and needed more tissues, we decided to bus it on over to Target and buy some supplies. It was freezing temperatures and I was not feeling well, so waiting at those bus stops was like torture. At Target, we found the Sudafed and tissues we needed and I found a whole bunch of figures I was looking for in the toy section. Almost everything I needed for the Red Hulk build-a-figure (little did I know I was buying a bad leg). Brenna shook her head at me when she found me at in the toy aisle holding all those figures.

I needed to take the Sudafed, but I needed to eat something first so we sat down at the nearby Papa Gino’s and ate some pizza and watched little kids trick-or-treat around the mall. It was pretty cute, but I was miserable and the bus ride back was about five times so worse as on the way. Once home, I crashed again.

Saturday was a slightly better day. I dressed very warmly and we went out to see the Copley Square area. I showed her the Boston Public Library. I made special note to point out the two statues in front, as they are probably my favorite scultpures in the Boston area. We took a picture in front as well.



I basically followed my normal route to work and showed her everything I see along the way. Walking past the Boston Public Library, across the street to the Westin Hotel and through the mall in the hotel that leads to the Copley Mall. She seemed to like the waterfall in the center. We continued on to the Prudential Mall, which was more familiar territory for her from AnimeBoston. We crossed Boylston Street when we got to the front of the mall and had lunch at Samurai Boston, another japanese restaurant. It was delicious and super filling. We were not really ready for food coma. We managed to work past it on walk down Newbury Street to Newbury Comics. Brenna was right at home in the comics section and was disappointed when we had to leave because we had to get back to do some grocery shopping. We were in charge of bringing snacks to Eddy and Linda’s for a Halloween Movie Marathon (sans horror!). Dan was kind enough to pick us up and bring us to Ed and Linda’s. We watched Shawn of the Dead and Army of Darkness, neither of which I had seen before. We also watched Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, and the Charlie Brown Halloween Special. Unfortunately, I got a terrible headache from sitting down and watching for so long, but by that time we only had Corpse Bride left. Overall, it was a really fun evening and we’re going to be meeting up with Linda again this weekend. They really seemed to get along. Dan ended up ferrying us back to my apartment again and we called it a night.

Sunday was Brenna’s last day and coincidentally there was also a Comic-con in town. We went early to make sure we’d have some time there, but Brenna needed to take her luggage with her, so it was a little tough to manuever in the tight space from table to table. We still managed to find some good deals. We met Brendan there and Dan eventually stopped by. He ended up taking all of us to the airport where we stopped and had a bite to eat before Brenna took off.

It was a fun weekend, albeit short. I’m sure this weekend will be just as good.

There is a small gallery here, but I resized the images a little too small by accident. Oops. I still have the originals thankfully.

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