2 He-Men, Faker and a little stop-motion

Still catching up a bit here and wanted to drop the link on anyone who hasn’t seen my video for January 2010 just yet.


This is by far my most ambitious video to date in nearly every way. Not as funny as some older ones, but definitely pushing the envelope on my editing and creative abilities. I take a look at the Masters of the Universe Classics He-man Reissue and He-man repaint, Faker. I also had a little fun with a more involved stop-motion sequence than anything I had done before. Enjoy it, tweet it, share it, link it. Spread the love. Thanks one and all.

Another Day, Another Disabled Escalator

Another day, another disabled escalator at Copley Place.

Aside from several MBTA stations, I can think of no other place on my travels around the city of Boston that has broken down escalators more often than those in the Copley Mall. Considering this is supposed to be the ‘trendy’ mall for the city, you’d think it would be quite the opposite. There are three main sets of escalators that are the usual suspects for needing to find a detour around. The set by Louis Vuitton (pictured above with blurry cam!), the short set by the Gap, and the long set at the entrance to the Westin hotel area. Admittedly, I’m not even sure the Westin set falls under the Copley Mall, but the Mall is connected and this set is by far the biggest hassle when not working. There is no alternative stairwell nearby. One actually needs to walk into the hotel to use their escalator (which is always working) to get to the second floor that connects directly to the Mall.

That being said, escalators that are not workiong are such a common site everywhere that noone gives it a second look. These things have been around since the very late 1800‘s. You’d think that the technology would have progressed over a 100 years to a point where they were at least somewhat reliable.

Cheerios Super-Fast Pull Back Racer

I opened a new box of Cheerios today at work and to my surprise it contained a super-fast pull back racer inside. This is especially cool to me because as a child, I never ate much in the morning, nevermind a normal cereal that had free stuff inside. It came with a sticker sheet and directions for where to put the stickers. I spent the better part of an hour carefully applying each decal using a paperclip to properly align the design to its appropriate place on the car before permanently affixing it.

I might add, it is indeed super fast.

PowetTV's first collaboration – First Annual PowetTV Awards

I’ll be playing a little catch up here and there since I’ve missed so much in my blogging absence.

The end of December brought about the first collaborative video done by the PowetTV staff. Our original intention on the site was to pool our resources and do lots of collaborative videos, but due to scheduling, lack of free time and lack of a direction, we decided to set out on separate paths first and establish individual shows with their own identities. Now that we’ve done that steadily each week for over a year now, we did an awards show to celebrate. Each of us recorded our own separate clips in the style of our individual shows. Sean was the man with the master plan and assembled everything together with great success.

It is my great pleasure to share this link with anyone who still follows this site.
First Annual PowetTV Awards Show

FightingReality's new life

Well, I guess its safe to say at this point.

This site has been successfully upgraded to a newer version of WordPress. Version number will not be mentioned for security purposes.

The site is now hosted by a new company. After 10 years with Brinkster, I threw in the towel. They were great as eWebCity for free ASP hosting in college. They were good when I signed up for paid hosting and bought a domain. Unfortunately, they just couldn’t keep up with my needs for today. I needed much more granular control of my site and I was able to get that with Site5.

The domain, FightingReality.com has also been moved to GoDaddy. I actually liked Brinkster’s domain hosting setup because it would auto-renew for me. I’m still not clear if GoDaddy has that option and from what I’m reading it doesn’t look like it, but I wanted to cancel and remove everything away from Brinkster and GoDaddy had the right price.

Here’s hoping this leads to more updates, more blogging, and more fun!

Halloween 2009

Yesterday marks one of my favorite times of year. Halloween.

Its one of those instances where I really like to go all out. Normally I keep my costume a big a secret and work on it for months ahead of time. Now that Brenna is here, I figured we should do a group/couples costume and I already had an idea that I had been percolating for the past couple months. Figuring that we were both pretty obstinate people and that we would be stepping on each others’ shoes if we worked on the same parts of the costume, I divided the task up. Brenna took the costumes and I took the ‘accessories’. The costumes themselves are fairly simplistic, though, I admit, I underestimated how much attention to detail she was going to pay. The accessories were incredibly ambitious and I wanted the challenge of learning a new skill. As far as I’m concerned, unlearned skills are obstacles waiting to be overcome.

In case you haven’t guessed by the post banner image at the top, we decided to go as two of the Voltron pilots. I went as Keith, pilot of the black lion and Brenna went as Lance, pilot of the red lion. The accessories that I was to work on were plushie versions of our respective lions. The project turned out to be so ambitious that I only completed the black lion. I say completed, but it didn’t have any hind legs. I just ran out of time, so I referred to him as a sea lion the entire night.

More on the lion another day.

Jim Lee's X-Men door poster

I just discovered that earlier this week marked the release of a recolored door poster by Jim Lee. Not just any door poster, mind you, but the door poster to end all door posters. This was one of many posters Jim Lee did when the second adjective-less X-Men book debuted in the 90’s featuring his artwork. I must find this, frame it, and mount it post haste. Now if only they would recolor and release the other posters he did from that time like the Magneto, Original X-Men, Things to Come and poolside posters!