HD stands for High Definition

High Definition is an understatement of what this camera is capable of achieving. It has taken nearly six months to get this camera, but I expect the results to be well worth it. I charged it up last night and hope to experiment with some of the myriad features some night this week. I combed through the accessories and was pleased with the cable options, remote, etc. It even has a stylus. I have no idea for what, but I’ll figure that out soon. I equate the lens hood to the spoiler and racing stripes that it didn’t necessarily need, but make it look so much cooler. Needless to say my level of excitement is as high as the definition.

Domain Mapping for WordPress with Multisite and CPanel

I spent all of my Friday night struggling to get Domain Mapping to work so I thought I would put together a little tutorial to help others since my setup seemed unique. If not unique, not well documented!

Here’s what I have:

  • Domain name pointed to the DNS servers of my host
  • CPanel to manage my hosting
  • WordPress 3.1.1
  • Multisite has been activated with subfolders

Thats essentially it. The settings that were not really well documented involved CPanel, Multisite using subfolders, and certain aspects of the domain mapping plugin’s installation.

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How to add a meta-box to an admin page in WordPress

I’ve been developing a plug-in for Powet.TV to automate some background stuff that we do regularly.
One of the things I need to do is add a meta-box to the ‘edit post’ administration page. The below image is an example of a very simple meta-box. Its just a standard container for content in the administration panel.

This wasn’t as straight-forward as I expected it to be, or I should say, there weren’t any examples that were as straight-forward as I was hoping there would be. The best tutorial I found was located here. The problem with this tutorial was that it didn’t spell it out clearly enough for me. It was doing a few different things in the example and I just wanted a very simple meta-box without any functionality to start. My functionality was guaranteed to not match the functionality of the one in the example.

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Read Tolkien, puzzlesmith

As I paged through today’s Metro newspaper, I came across this amusing entry in the letter’s section. My blurry cam made it a little hard to make out though. Here is the text:

Read Tolkien, puzzlesmith
Re: “CROSSWORD: 9/23”:
I take issue with your 43D
clue “Folklore dwarfs”
(TROLLS). It’s just not
right; dwarves and trolls
are generally different
sizes and races. I appreci-
ate precision in cross-
word clues, and this just
seemed like sloppy clue-
ing to me. I enjoy the puz-

I'm an uncle

Yesterday, at 12:51AM EST, my sister gave birth to Jacob Aaron. He weighs in at 6 lbs 6 oz and is about 19.5 inches long. I’ve been called ‘uncle’, no less than 10 times (and probably much more) in the past 24 hours. It hasn’t sunk in and I’m sure it won’t until I actually see him. They’ll be home next weekend for the bris, so I’ll get to see them then. In the meantime, here are some of the first pictures after the jump.

Fun fact: Jacob was born one day shy of International Talk Like A Pirate Day.

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Botcon 2010

I have finally gotten around to posting the gallery for Botcon 2010 on Orlando, Florida. Maybe sometime I’ll get to doing the gallery for 2009. Above you can see the obligatory group photo. Unfortunately, it was done very impromptu as Ernie and Rubin were trying to leave, so we couldn’t find Sam nor Robert in time to be in the photo.

There was lots to see this year. I took plenty of pictures of the display cases for upcoming product, the Transformers Hall of Fame and some random rare items found at various dealer booths. The image above is me holding one of the rarest items that was released at retail exclusively in Japan. That one, in particular, was on sale for US$1,000. Most of you don’t care about that though, so here is a picture of Sam ironing his shirt.

Next year will be back in Pasadena. Hopefully it won’t be quite so humid out.

Surprise! I'm 29.

This post has been saved as a draft for almost a year now. Oops! Thank goodness I cut my hair, though!

I’m still a little shellshocked from the surprise weeks later. I was truly touched at both the number of people that came out and how well kept a secret this turned out to be.

Wishlist kind of updated

I updated my wishlist at the request of some friends. Ignore the ‘Older Stuff’ section. I need to clean that up.

Most of the update was me crossing things out that I had bought myself over the past year. I didn’t really add that much either. There’s just not a lot I’m looking for right now that I can think of off the top of my head, except maybe a TV that doesn’t give me eyestrain.

I seem to be a lot more interested these days in things I want to achieve, rather than things I want to acquire. I suppose thats a good thing.

I will add that between my apartment, lack of car, work and self-imposed responsibilities, I haven’t had much time to hang out with friends, which is pretty disappointing. Hopefully, we can remedy that before the summer is out.